Address by the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Starkov Andrey

Dear shareholders and investors,

Thanks to coordinated efforts of our team, the Company again proved high performances breaking its own records of year 2017.

We managed to boost the financial results due to development of the client and terminal services, optimisation of the transportation structure, and effective tariff decisions, which have been taken considering the Company’s capabilities and the current market conditions. Also, we focused a lot on evolution of international transit and foreign subsidiaries of the Group in the past year.

The trends of the rail container transportation market have confirmed the relevance of the Company’s strategic planning targets approved in 2017.

No doubt, the results of 2018 gratify and inspire, but also make us continue our way and set a high standard for future work. Therefore, for year 2019 we have some key tasks like further growth of operating performance and labour productivity, improvement of services quality and volumes.

Expected privatisation of Public Joint Stock Company TransContainer will open new strategic prospects to the Company while requiring greater efforts from the team to implement the tasks assigned by the Board of Directors.

In summary, we can say that in 2019 the Company anticipates complex and challenging cases involving the entire team with their commitment, initiatives, and creative approaches.

Sincerely yours,

Chairman of the TransContainer’s Board of Directors