Client Feedback

Feedback is a key element of interaction between the Company and its clients. The feedback system comprises:
  • 24/7 call centre;
  • dedicated e-mail accounts (with automatic generation of electronic messages sorted by subject and sender and addressed to relevant corporate teams);
  • electronic client feedback form on the Company’s website;
  • regular round table discussions with clients and partners;
  • regular service quality surveys.

Call Centre

In 2018, the call centre processed 127,405 queries, with phone calls accounting for 66%. The total number of processed incoming calls grew by 5% year-on-year. The call centre service level stayed stable at an average of 89% (vs 87% in 2017) reflecting mainly the increased efficiency of responding to the customers, while the average waiting time reduced from 14.9 s in 2017 to 14.5 s in 2018. The customer service quality amounted to 93.1% (2% higher than in 2017). This shows that the call centre’s availability for our clients has been improved irrespective of incoming queries growth.

Client Meetings

Throughout the year, TransContainer held round table discussions with representatives of transport and logistics companies, market experts, shippers, and cargo owners, clients and partners from various industries.

In 2018, these meetings were held in Nizhny Novgorod, Shanghai (China) with the Company’s clients and partners involved.

New services and routes of the Company were presented as part of these meetings. Also, the events focused on the Company’s interaction with beneficiaries of transport services, development of e-commerce, container train transportation, and reallocation of cargo traffic from truck delivery to railway. Much attention was paid to the development of the Company’s online services, in particular, iSales.

On top of that, regional coordination councils are held in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod on a quarterly basis. They are chaired by the heads of the October and Gorky Railways with the traditional participation of TransContainer representatives.

Ongoing communication with clients and partners ensures prompt response to changes in the market environment and helps to shape a competitive service offer with the needs and preferences of market players factored in.

In 2019, the Company plans to participate in the transportation industry’s major trade fairs, such as:
  • TransRussia / TransLogistica 2019 (Russia, Moscow);
  • TransSiberia 2019 (Russia, Novosibirsk);
  • Transport Logistic 2019 (Germany, Munich);
  • Innoprom — 2019 (Russia, Yekaterinburg);
  • TransKazakhstan Translogistica 2019 (Kazakhstan, Almaty);
  • Transport & Logistics (Minsk, Belarus);
  • CILF 2019 (China, Shenzhen);
  • International Supply Chain and Smart logistics Expo (SCSL) (China, Chengdu);
  • Transport of Russia 2019 (Russia, Moscow).

Service Quality Survey

The Company annually conducts a service quality survey interviewing clients on the following key metrics:
  • service quality;
  • performance of managers;
  • performance of terminals;
  • information on the corporate website;
  • changes clients would like to see in the Company;
  • preferences and needs of clients and additional services they would like to see.

In 2018, the survey involved 2.1 thousand respondents. The total percentage of completed questionnaires filed was 37% against 33% year-on-year, which indicates the increasing client loyalty (the average rate in similar surveys is above 10%).

The average customer satisfaction score across the Company totalled 8.4, with the Privolzhskaya, North Caucasus, Northern and South-Eastern branch offices coming out on top.

The leader in terms of service quality improvement was the Moscow branch office (+0.6 points). The most significant decline year-on-year was at the October and Northern Railways. A service quality improvement programme for these branch offices will be approved and implemented in 2019.

The results of the customer survey conducted in 2018 are represented in the diagram.

The number of clients interested in cutting the delivery terms reduced from 20 to 17% year-on-year.

Changes Clients Would Like to See in the Company
Item Total respondents, % Year-on-year
Cut prices 33 2
Speed up cargo delivery 17 (3)
Improve the technical condition of containers 12 (2)
Speed up pricing calculations 7 (1)
Improve the availability of information on orders, delivery status 7 (1)
Cut order processing times at terminals 9 (1)
Other 16 6