Quality Control

TransContainer exercises quality control on a comprehensive and multi-level basis with all business units involved within their respective remit.

TransContainer regularly assesses the efficiency of its quality management system and takes the necessary steps to eliminate any identified gaps.

Our call centre evaluates customers’ satisfaction with the handling of their delivery issues. A call centre operator contacts the complaint initiators to update them on the processing status and assesses customer satisfaction. Where necessary, the Sales Quality Management Division develops a corrective action plan based on the customer satisfaction report.

The Company makes consistent efforts to improve the quality of claim handling. In 2018, in the course of claims activities, the Company managed to settle 97% of received claims related to forwarding service contract implementation. Unreasonably declined claims are reflected in the KPIs for branch offices.

The primary goal of claim handling is to resolve any disputes in a prompt and efficient manner by either acknowledging or reasonably declining the respective claims.

The Company constantly analyses the quality of claim handling using the information from reports, statements and customer grievances addressed to the executive office, as well as judicial and audit documents, including those related to the monthly ad-hoc audits conducted by the executive office.

The assessment of the quality management system performance also implies annual process audits and internal system checks at the executive and branch offices of TransContainer, with the identified gaps addressed through a corrective action plan.

Audits of the Quality Management System in 2018
Audit Type Audited Target Purpose Outcome
The first supervisory audit of the quality management system The executive office and the South Eastern, North Caucasus and Kuybyshev branch offices of TransContainer Setting to the new standard, assessment of the quality management system performance The system's compliance with ISO 9001:2015 confirmed

The effectiveness of the comprehensive quality management system stems from the uniform principles outlined in the Company’s Quality Management Policy and applied across the production chain. The quality management issues fall under the remit of Director of Organizational Development and Human Resources.

The said uniform principles are underpinned by a set of core values guiding the Company’s employees in their workplace pursuits. In particular, TransContainer focuses on creating new value (transportation services) for clients, fully understanding and anticipating their needs and expectations as regards cargo transportation services.

TransContainer offers high-quality transportation and forwarding services, which includes providing prompt, safe and comprehensive cargo transportation solutions to clients.

TransContainer provides services to its business units, partners and external customers in line with clearly defined standards. The Company’s legal function includes a request and feedback handling system, which ensures prompt adjustment of management processes and procedures following an in-depth analysis of information received from customers, partners and regulatory authorities.

TransContainer welcomes new ideas from both within and outside of the Company and establishes the channels required to communicate these ideas. It encourages business culture development and innovations across all areas of activity.