Staff Onboarding and Talent Development

Staff Onboarding

In 2018, TransContainer started implementing the Mentorship Regulations, according to which a mentor can be assigned to a worker newly employed by the Company after getting higher education.

The mentors took 14 young specialists under patronage during the year sharing their experience and knowledge and adapting to the Company’s corporate culture.

Talent Development

The key objective of the Company’s talent development programme in 2018 was to introduce training courses to the WebTutor portal launched in H2 2017. During the year, 16 new courses were posted on the portal, six of them developed by the HR Management Department specialists together with experts from the customer units.

Besides, WebTutor system blocks, such as Training Centre and Career Development, were put into operation. They will allow:
  • simplified planning, organisation, and monitoring of intramural training events;
  • processing of data bulk using analytical tools and convenient report forms;
  • higher rate of information distribution among the Company’s employees and arrangement of feedback;
  • transparent and simple business processes of the training centre, including training cost analysis;
and also:
  • automated selection of candidates to the Talent Pool (by results of the assessment, self-nomination, expert recommendation);
  • development of the succession candidates’ training procedures (activity plan, individual development plan, candidates’ supervision by mentors and tutors, interface for the mentors and tutors);
  • search in the database of succession candidates and Talent Pool participants for the in-house recruitment purposes.

In September 2018, TransContainer participated in THE BEST E-LEARNING RUSSIA 2018, an independent competition of distance learning systems and e-courses among the professionals in the sphere of distance learning. The competition was held as part of the III Forum E-LEARNING FORCE 2018.

TransContainer is an honoured participant of the competition. In 2018, such companies as Biocad, Sberbank, NLMK, PEK, TELE2, Henkel, Locko-Bank, Home Credit Bank, etc. took part in the event.

The plans for 2019 include systematic completion of the portal with training courses, as well as filling in the developing actions library of the Career Development block.

In 2018, the Company organised in-house webinars for the employees for the first time, with the heads of the business units as expert speakers. The topics discussed included sea shipping, budgeting, and accounting basis. The events were of great interest for the skilled employees and managers as a possibility to advance their competence level in adjacent and supplementary professions. The total audience of the webinars was as follows:
  • Sea Shipping – 53 people;
  • Accounting  Basis – 47 people;
  • Financial Management – 86 people.

The employees send requests for organising new webinars on key business topics that will be held in 2019.