Trade Union Organisations

Almost all (98%) of the Company’s employees are members of the primary trade union organisation under the Russian Trade Union of Railway Workers and Transport Builders (ROSPROFZHEL). The trade union organisation is considered by TransContainer as a social partner and element of the corporate culture.

It initiates signing of the Collective Agreement, which governs social and labour relations of the Company and its employees, liaises with the employer on matters related to workplace discipline, work and rest regime, health, safety, and working conditions, increase in real wages, social guarantees provided to employees, their families, and unemployed pensioners.

In case of a violation of rights or discrimination, each employee can file a free-form complaint to the trade union organisation or write a letter to the CEO. All complaints are handled by dedicated commissions as part of the trade union’s day-to-day activities. The employer makes decisions on social and work-related matters put forward by employees, based on the motivated opinion of the trade union bodies. In 2018, no labour conflicts regarding the commitments under Collective Agreement were registered. The wages were paid on time.