The Company’s charitable programme aims to improve living standards and support vulnerable social groups.

Key elements of this charitable programme include:

  • long-term focus;
  • transparency;
  • targeted approach;
  • cooperation with federal and state authorities, businesses and non-profit organisations;
  • control over the use of funds allocated by the Company for charity.

Focus areas for the charity support provision:

  • children support;
  • sports and healthy lifestyle promotion;
  • preservation of Russia’s cultural heritage;
  • aid to victims of emergencies;
  • support to the employees and their families.
Projects Implemented in 2018, RUB mln
Charity project Charitable contribution
Target payments for medical treatment in Russian and foreign healthcare institutions and rehabilitation facilities 23.9
Purchase of special-purpose medical equipment for sustaining children’s life at home (equipment for children with ICP, diabetes, serious genetic diseases) 14.2
Material and welfare support of children’s healthcare and social institutions (furniture and equipment for children’s social and healthcare facilities under the patronage), as well as support to the families of TransContainer’s employees having disabled children and families with many children 15.2
Charitable assistance to Lokomotiv Hockey Club (Yaroslavl) for support of two youth sports schools 45
A donation to «Regional Platform» Regional Development Fund for support and its statutory activities execution 40
Support to the employees and their families for medical treatment and social rehabilitation 7.7
Total charitable contributions in 2018 146.3

Visits to orphanages and boarding schools were organised as a part of charity events. The employees of TransContainer, the Russian Railways, and ROSPROFZHEL primary trade union organisation take part in traditional clean-up days and events devoted to the anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Since 2015, the Company has been implementing TransContainer for Children, a dedicated long-term programme aimed at:

  • promoting education, science, culture, arts and spiritual development among children;
  • supporting children’s health protection and preventive healthcare, raising awareness about a healthy lifestyle;
  • promoting children’s physical education and sports;
  • providing social rehabilitation assistance to orphans, disabled and disadvantaged children, and children without parental care;
  • promoting patriotic and moral education among children and young people.

In line with the programme, the Company provides sponsorship to children’s social and healthcare institutions, sports schools and clubs, and supports physically disabled children with serious health problems. Since the launch of the programme, above RUB 150 mln have been allocated for charitable purposes, including RUB 53.3 mln in 2018.

Breakdown of funds allocated for charitable purposes, RUB mln

Charity scheme