Providing Information on General Meetings of Shareholders

The right to access documents that the Company is required to provide under its Regulation on Information Policy is an important safeguard for the shareholder right to participate in managing the Company.

The Company publicly discloses the following:

  • notices of general meetings of shareholders and agenda materials (including voting ballots) at least 30 days prior to the meeting;
  • the Board of Directors’ recommendations on agenda items for the general meeting of shareholders in the form of press releases, material facts, and extracts from the Board of Directors meeting minutes;
  • a record date (at least seven days in advance in line with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code);
  • minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders and minutes of the Counting Board.

If needed, shareholders may send a written request for additional information and materials to the Company’s Corporate Secretary. Contact details and the relevant procedure are available on the corporate website.

Information about the General Meeting of Shareholders and agenda materials are provided to shareholders in the Russian and English languages.