Corporate Secretary

In 2018, Kristina Galkina acted as the Corporate Secretary of TransContainer.

The Company’s Corporate Secretary should ensure effective interaction with shareholders, coordinate the Company’s efforts to protect shareholder rights and interests, and support the Board of Directors and its committees.

The Corporate Secretary’s duties are provided for by the Regulation on the Corporate Secretary of TransContainerThe Regulations are available on the Company’s website.

Kristina Galkina

Corporate Secretary (from September 2016)

Born in 1978.

Graduated from the Moscow State University of Railways in 2000 with a degree in Industrial and Civil Construction.

Completed the Corporate Secretary in a Joint-Stock Company retraining programme at the Higher School of Economics in 2007.

Completed the Corporate Secretary training programme at the Institute of Stock Market and Management in 2016.

Professional experience:

  • 2016–present - Corporate Secretary, TransContainer;
  • 2008–present - Deputy Head, TransContainer’s Corporate Governance Department;
  • 2014–2016 - Secretary, TransContainer’s Executive Board;
  • 2012–2016 - Secretary, TransContainer’s Strategy Committee.

Member of the National Association of Corporate Secretaries (NACS).

Citizenship: Russian Federation.

Does not hold shares or any other securities of the Company.