Report on the Executive Board’s Performance

In 2018, the Company’s Executive Board held 31 meetings and reviewed a total of 139 matters.

The Executive Board sticks to the approved six-month action plan, which is aligned with the action plans of the Board of Directors and its committees, and proposals of the Company’s management.

Given the sheer size of TransContainer’s footprint, its extensive branch network and holding structure, and constant development and enhancement of a process-based approach to business activities, the top priorities of the Company’s Executive Board in 2018 were to oversee operations of the Company’s subsidiaries and to improve business processes across the Company’s lines of business. In 2018, the Executive Board reviewed eight reports on the performance of companies controlled by TransContainer and 14 reports submitted by business process owners.

The Chairman of the Executive Board also invites the heads of subsidiaries to participate, either in person or through a video conference, in Executive Board meetings reviewing the performance of such subsidiaries.

In 2018, the Executive Board also reviewed some other matters within its remit, including:

  • pre-approval of the Company’s budget for 2019;
  • approval of the establishment of a wholly owned freight forwarding company to cover container transportation in Mongolia;
  • approval of the Company's terminal development prospective plan at the Moscow transport hub;
  • approval of 2018 transactions involving the provision of bank guarantees to the Federal Customs Service;
  • approval of 2018 KPIs for the Company's management.

Meetings of both the Executive Board and the Board of Directors are held using the automated information system (AIS) designed to offer greater convenience for members of the Executive Board during preparation for the meetings and consideration of items on the agenda.