Revision Commission

The Revision Commission is a permanent internal control body that monitors the Company’s financial and business activities, including those of the Company’s branches and representative offices, to ensure compliance with the existing Russian laws and the Company’s Charter and by-laws.

The Revision Commission acts in the interests of the Company’s shareholders and is accountable to the general meeting of shareholders. It is independent of the officers of the Company’s governance bodies, and its members are not the Company’s officers or employees. Members of the Revision Commission are not officials or employees of the Company.

From 18 February to 19 March 2019, the Revision Commission audited the Company’s 2018 operations.

In 2018, the Chairman of TransContainer’s Revision Commission was present at the meeting of the Audit Committee discussing a report on the 2017 audit results.

Remuneration of its members is paid in accordance with the Regulation on Remuneration and Compensation Payable to Members of TransContainer’s Revision Commission.

Members of the Revision Commission Elected at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Held on 15 May 2018

  1. Sergey Davydov, Deputy Head of the Department for Consolidated IFRS Financial Statements, part of Accounting Service, Russian Railways.
  2. Olga Zorina, Deputy Head of the Internal Control Centre, Zheldorcontrol, Russian Railways.
  3. Tatyana Tarynina, Chief Auditor of the Department for Control of Production and Financial Activities of Russian Railways’s structural units at the Internal Control Center, Zheldorkontrol, Russian Railways.
  4. Yuri Fedosov, Head of Subsidiaries and Affiliates Management Department, Russian Railways.
  5. Elena Yudina, Department Head at the Internal Control Centre, Zheldorcontrol, Russian Railways.

Olga Zorina was elected as the Chair of TransContainer’s Revision Commission in 2018.

Remuneration Paid to the Revision Commission Active in 2018
No. Position Full name Annual Remuneration, RUB
1 Chairman of the Revision Commission (until the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 15 May 2018) A. Red’kin 225,000
2 Member of the Revision Commission S. Davydov 150,000
3 Member of the Revision Commission Yu. Fedosov 150,000
4 Member of the Revision Commission (until the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 15 May 2018) A. Chernyavskaya 150,000
5 Member of the Revision Commission E. Yudina 150,000
6 Member of the Revision Commission O. Zorina
7 Member of the Revision Commission T. Tarynina
Total 825,000