Dividend Policy

As stated in TransContainer’s Dividend Policy RegulationFor the Regulation visit: the Company’s website., the target dividend payout ratio is 25% of the Company’s net profit in accordance with the RAS (net of income from the revaluation of financial investments). At the same time, the actual share of net profit to be distributed in the form of dividends may be above or below 25% depending on the Company’s financial and business plan and the Board of Directors’ recommendations.

The Company’s dividend policy relies on the following principles:

  • annually distribute part of the Company’s net profit, if any, among its shareholders in the form of dividends, while using the retained profits mainly for CAPEX projects and repayment of debt due and payable in the next reporting period;
  • maintain the balance of interests between the Company and its shareholders;
  • aim at maximising the Company’s capitalisation and investment appeal;
  • respect shareholder rights as provided for by the Russian laws and best corporate governance practices;
  • ensure transparency of the dividend calculation and payment procedures.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on 15 May 2018 (Minutes No.37 dated 16 May 2018) resolved to pay 75% of the net profit for TransContainer operations in 2017, or RUB 4,071,725,745.12 as dividends.

Dividends Accrued and Paid by the Company from 2014 to 2018
Dividends 2014 (for 2013) 2015 (for 2014) 2016 2017 (for 2016) 2018 (for 2017)
from the undistributed net profit of the previous years 1H 2016 2H 2016
Total amount of dividends (RUB mln) 1,132.00 985.97 3,499.26 1,330.56 650.41 4,071.73
Dividend per share, RUB 81.47 70.96 251.84 95.76 46.81 293.04
Dividend (as % of net profit) 25 25 100 100 50 75
Announcement date 24.06.2014 24.06.2015 09.09.2016 09.09.2016 22.06.2017 15.05.2018
Payment date 22.07.2014 23.07.2015 04.10.2016 04.10.2016 24.07.2017 08.06.2018
Unpaid dividendsDividends were transferred to the Company’s registrar in full. Dividends were not paid to shareholders who failed to submit the data required by Clause 5 of Article 44 of Federal Law No. 208-FZ On Joint-Stock Companies dated 26 December 1995., RUB 162.94 141.92 503.68 191.52 1,017,602.09 503.68