About the report

Reporting period from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018.

The report of the Public Joint Stock Company TransContainer (“TransContainer”, the “Company”) for the year 2018 includes the outcomes of TransContainer and its subsidiaries (the “Group”). The composition of the Group and its equity interest in TransContainer are shown in the Consolidated Financial Statements for 2018.

The data in our Annual Report for 2018 is consolidated in accordance with the Bank of Russia’s Regulation No. 454-P On Information Disclosure by the Issuers of Issue-Grade Securities dated 30 December 2014; the Corporate Governance Code dated 21 March 2014; the Procedure For Submission of Information and Reports to Public Joint-Stock Company “Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS” dated 24 June 2015; the Bank of Russia’s Information Letter No. IN-06-52/8 On Disclosure of the Corporate Governance Code Compliance Report in the Public Joint Stock Company’s Annual Report dated 17 February 2016; the FRC’s Guidance on the Strategic Report (2014) and Guidance on Risk Management, Internal Control and Related Financial and Business Reporting (2014); the Guidelines on Non-financial Reporting under Directive 2014/95/ EU; and the GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

The information provided in the Report has been subjected to an internal audit and reviewed by the Audit Committee and the Nominations and Remuneration Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors.




This Annual Report (the “Annual Report”) has been prepared using the information available to the Public Joint Stock Company Center for Cargo Container Traffic TransContainer (“TransContainer”, the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (the “Group”) at the time of its preparation, including information obtained from third parties. The Company reasonably believes that the information in the Annual Report was complete and accurate as of the time of its publication. However, it does not represent or warrant that the information will not be further refined, revised or otherwise changed. This Annual Report may contain certain forward-looking statements regarding the operations, economic performance, financial condition and results of economic and industrial activities of the Company and the Group, its plans, projects and expected results, policies in respect of dividends and capital expenditures, as well as trends relating to prices, rates, transportation volumes, terminal handling volumes, production and consumption volumes, costs, anticipated expenses, development prospects, useful service life of assets and other similar factors, the economic outlook for the industry and markets, dates for beginning and end of individual projects, as well as acquisition, closing, conservation or disposal of certain entities (including related costs). The words “intends”, “strives”, “projects”, “expects”, “estimates”, “plans”, “believes”, “anticipates”, “may”, “should”, “will” and “will continue”, as well as similar expressions, generally indicate forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements, by their nature, involve inherent risks and uncertainties, both general and specific, and there is a danger that assumptions, forecasts, projections, and other forward-looking statements may prove unjustified. In light of these risks, uncertainties, and assumptions, the Company warns that actual results may differ significantly from those expressed either directly or indirectly in such forward-looking statements, which are only valid as of the date that this Annual Report was drafted. The Company does not represent or warrant that the results specified in the forward-looking statements will be achieved. The Company does not assume any liability for damages that may be incurred by persons or legal entities acting on the basis of forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements in each case represent only one of many possible outcomes and should not be considered as the most probable outcomes. In particular, other factors that could influence the financial and operational performance of the Company or the Group, its plans, projects, capital expenditure and other aspects of its operations include changes to macroeconomic or market conditions, the actions of the state bodies of the Russian Federation and other jurisdictions where the Group studies, develops or uses assets, including changes to tax, environmental and other laws and regulations. This list of material factors is not exhaustive. When taking into account the forward-looking statements, the above factors, and in particular the economic, social, and legal environment in which the Company or the Group operates, should be carefully considered. Except as explicitly required by applicable law, the Company assumes no obligation to publish updates or changes to forward-looking statements based on any new information or subsequent events.